We are or were partners of the following grants:

  • ANR project VerifGraph (22-26): Verifiable Graph Queries and Transformations, R. Echahed, with Leonid Libkin (head) and Angela Bonifati.
  • ANR project NARCO (22-26): Non-Aggregative Resource COmpositions (head: N.Peltier, partners: LIG, LMF, LORIA, Verimag).
  • UGA IRGA project SLIDD (21-24). Separation Logic with Inductive Definitions and Data (head: N. Peltier, with R. Iosif, Verimag).
  • LIG project “Emergence”. Graph Rewriting for Quantum Computing (2020-2021, head: N. Peltier).
  • LIG project “Emergence” Réécriture Parallèle (2019-2020, head: T. Boy de la Tour)
  • LIG project “Emergence” Abductive Reasoning and Separation Logic (2018-2019, heads: M. Echenim et N. Peltier)
  • The ANR project ASAP (head: A. Leistch and N. Peltier)
  • The ANR project CLIMT (head: R. Echahed).
  • The ANR project GAG.
  • The ANR project SENDUP.