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December 2014

Issam Belghiat (Algeria) is visting us

November 2014

Rima Djellab (Algeria) is visiting CAPP

November 12 2014

Tomer Kotek is giving a seminar, 14h30 room C115

November 2014

Tomer Kotek, from Austria, is visiting CAPP

November 2014

Martin Strecker (Toulouse) is visiting CAPP

30 October 2014

Abdelkader Kersani is defending his PhD “Preuves par induction dans le calcul de superposition” in the CTL (Centre de technologies du logiciel, 7 allĂ©e de palestine, Domaine universitaire 38610 GIERES) at 14h.

October 2014

Alexander Leitsch (Vienna), Laurent Vigneron (Nancy) and Sorin Stratulat (Metz) will be visiting CAPP

23 October 2014

CAPP is organizing a doctoral workshop. Talks will be given by Marcelo Forets, Abdelkamel Hettab, David Cattaneo and Sophie Tourret

October 2014

Abdelkamel Hettab (Algeria) is visiting CAPP

September 16, 2014

Julien Henry (Verimag) is giving a talk on Improving static analysis with decision procedures, 14h room C115